Tree Assessment

Warren Lee hears this question all the time, “Can you tell me what’s wrong with my tree over the phone?”  Warren can most likely narrow down the problem with your tree, but it is difficult to give an actual diagnosis on the phone.  Similar to a doctor’s visit, it is best to assess the tree in person to positively identify any issues.  An in-person assessment allows Warren to effectively evaluate the condition of your trees and come up with a diagnosis, as well as a solution to help maintain the good health of your trees.

When to Get a Tree Assessment

In order to effectively assess a tree, it should be looked at twice a year; once in the winter months and once in the summer months.  During the winter, Warren Lee can identify weak branch structure, cavities from animals, and potential decay because they are not masked by the summer leaves.  During the summer, Warren Lee can look at the color of the tree’s leaves and twig development.  Neglecting to have your trees properly assessed can allow small problems to turn into serious issues that will affect the health of your trees.

Why You Should Get a Tree Assessment The average homeowner cannot spot potential problems with their trees like a trained and certified arborist.  Warren can spot problems with insects, diseases, and general damage that will cause the condition of the tree to become worse, possibly leading to a collapse.  A falling tree on your property is extremely dangerous because it can result in major property damage as well as serious injury or death. 

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